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At Advanced Healthcare Group Ltd, focussed on the wholesale distribution of pharmaceutical,
medical and surgical products. With operations in Western Australia, South Australia and New South Wales, we have established a solid reputation and position in the healthcare market.

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A strong track record in providing hospital equipment and repair solutions to Australian care providers.

Aged Care

A leading provider of healthcare equipment and assistive technology for residential aged-care facilities, home & community care.

Allied Health

Find equipment for sale for your allied health practice on our Classifieds. New and used equipment are available for your clinic!

Rehab Equipment

We offers a wide range of rehabilitation equipment, from wheelchairs, to beds and hoists. We have the experience necessary to customise your equipment to your needs.

  • They are always available and I have never worked with a more professional organization than Advanced Healthcare Group
    Jenny Royal

    Manager @ REQ

  • Through the years, Advanced Healthcare Group has demonstrated a true partnership mentality when it comes to helping our sales force sell capital equipment.
    John Royal

    Director @ RST